Growth Parameter Based Control of Cation Disorder in MgSnN2 Thin Films


MgSnN\(_2\) thin films have been grown on yttria-stabilized zirconia substrates via plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy and analyzed using reflection high-energy electron diffraction, X-ray diffraction, optical transmission, and cathodoluminescence. By systematically varying the growth parameters, particularly the substrate temperature, Mg:Sn flux ratio, substrate, and nitrogen flow rate, we were able to achieve high quality films and control disorder in the cation sublattice. This control of disorder allows for the ability to adjust the band gap continuously over a wide range of values.

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This work stems from studies of disorder in ZnSnN\(_2\) and MgSnN\(_2\), funded in part by the National Science Foundation (Grants DMR-1410915 and DMR-2003581), and by a Western Michigan University Faculty Research and Creativity Activities Award. The authors acknowledge the financial support of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and NSF Grant DMR-1625671, and technical support from the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization.

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  • MgSnN\(_2\)
  • order parameter
  • growth conditions
  • molecular beam epitaxy
  • thin films