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, Volume 49, Issue 2, pp 657–674

Parameters of fit and intermediate solutions in multi-value Qualitative Comparative Analysis



Multi-value Qualitative Comparative Analysis (mvQCA) is a variant of QCA that continues to exist under the shadow of crisp and fuzzy-set QCA. The lack of support for parameters of fit and intermediate solutions has contributed to this undeserved status. This article introduces two innovations that put mvQCA on a par with its two sister variants. First, consistency and coverage as the two most important parameters of fit are generalized. Second, the concepts of easy and difficult counterfactuals for deriving intermediate solutions are imported. I demonstrate how to leverage these features in the QCA software package for the R environment. For researchers who do not use QCA, I explain how to exploit Veitch–Karnaugh maps instead for solving set-theoretic minimization problems of low to moderate complexity.


Configurational comparative methods Consistency Coverage csQCA fsQCA mvQCA QCA Qualitative Comparative Analysis 

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