Quantum Information Processing

, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 113–122 | Cite as

Thwarting intercept-and-resend attack on Zhang’s quantum secret sharing using collective rotation noises

  • Chun-Wei Yang
  • Chia-Wei Tsai
  • Tzonelih Hwang


This work deliberately introduces collective-rotation noise into quantum states to prevent an intercept-resend attack on Zhang’s quantum secret sharing scheme over a collective-noise quantum channel (Zhang in Phys A 361:233–238, 2006). The noise recovering capability of the scheme remains intact. With this design, the quantum bit efficiency of the protocol is doubled when compared to Sun et al.’s improvement on Zhang’s scheme (Sun et al. in Opt Commun 283:181–183, 2010).


Collective noise Intercept-resend attack Quantum secret sharing Quantum cryptography 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Computer Science and Information EngineeringNational Cheng Kung UniversityTainanTaiwan, ROC

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