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What is the ‘post’ in postgenomics?

Sarah S. Richardson and Hallam Stevens (eds): Postgenomics: Perspectives on biology after the genome. Duke University Press, 2015, 304pp, US $24.65 PB
  • Sara Green
Book Review

Postgenomics manifests the vision to take advantage of omics technologies while embracing biological complexity. But what exactly does the “post” in postgenomics imply? Is postgenomics an escape route from genetic determinism and reductionism, toward a better understanding of living systems? Or is postgenomics merely a buzzword highlighting nothing more than illusory new clothes of the emperor? Postgenomics: Perspectives on Biology after the Genome offers a welcome collection of insightful philosophical perspectives on some of the issues raised by the postgenomic “turn.” Rather than focusing primarily on the societal and medical impact of postgenomics, the book centers on the developments that affect research within the life sciences themselves. After offering some critical remarks on viewing postgenomics as a “new era” in the life sciences, I discuss some of the most interesting philosophical contributions that this volume makes to the debate.

Have we moved “post” genomics?

The back...

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