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Metascience is a review journal which publishes high quality, comprehensive reviews of books in the fields of history and philosophy of science, and science and technology studies.

Metascience specializes in innovative approaches including - beyond standard reviews - essay reviews, non-anglophone reviews, discipline survey reviews and 'round-tables' in which up to four reviewers provide independent essay reviews of one book. The coverage includes short descriptive notices of books which are not reviewed at length.

The reviews published in Metascience are accessible to a wide cross-section of the science studies community.

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Latest Articles

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    Book Review

    Stories of ancestors

    Jonathan Marks (January 2019)

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    Book Review

    Where science ends and scientism begins

    Jonathan Beale (January 2019)

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    Book Review

    Careful with knowledge ascriptions!

    Anna Drożdżowicz (December 2018)