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Einstein in the public arena

Albert Einstein: The collected papers of Albert Einstein, volume 12: The Berlin years, January-December 1921. Edited by Diana Kormos Buchwald, Ze’ev Rosenkranz, Tilman Sauer, József Illy and Virginia Iris Holmes. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009, 696pp, $125.00, £85.00 HB
  • David E. Rowe
Essay Review

This volume deals with events from the year 1921, a tumultuous time in Einstein’s life now that he had emerged as a famous scientific figure. Indeed, for many, Einstein’s name had already come to be associated with “relativity,” a loaded word for a complex theory that fascinated some, appalled others and left many wondering what it was all about. So, it should come as no surprise that fame and controversy set the tone in not a few of the documents presented here. With the “relativity revolution” by now well underway, we often find Einstein caught in its force field, tossed about by a vortex of events as he tried to cope with the stressful life of a public celebrity.

The editors have selected 350 letters from the roughly 800 available for this period; brief summaries for most of the others are presented in a detailed Calendar of 70 pages. From these numbers alone, one can well imagine the difficulties involved in sifting through 2,000 documents in order to display those of most...

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