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, Volume 29, Issue 4, pp 599–603 | Cite as

Magnetic Properties of the Triangular Lattice with Different Clusters: A Monte Carlo Study

  • A. Jabar
  • R. Masrour
Original Paper


The magnetic properties of the triangular lattice with different clusters have been studied using the Monte Carlo simulations. The reduced transitions temperatures are deduced for different size of clusters L and for different exchange interactions. The variation of magnetization with the crystal field is given for different size of clusters and exchange interactions. Finally, the magnetic hysteresis cycles are found for different values of size of clusters and reduced temperatures. We found that the magnetic coercive fields increases with increasing the size of clusters and decreases with increasing the reduced temperatures.


Clusters Transition temperatures Exchange interactions Magnetic hysteresis cycle Magnetic coercive field 


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Materials, Processes, Environment and QualityCadi Ayyad University, National School of Applied SciencesSafiMorocco

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