Journal of Cluster Science

Including Nanoclusters and Nanoparticles

ISSN: 1040-7278 (Print) 1572-8862 (Online)


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The Journal of Cluster Science covers a broad range of topics in basic and applied cluster science in all phases: gas, solution, and crystalline or amorphous solids. Topics include the synthesis of molecular clusters or nanoparticulate materials; structure determination; bonding analysis; chemical and physical properties; mathematical models of cluster structure; molecular biology of clusters, and new instrumentation and experimental procedures for cluster research.

In addition to full papers, the journal publishes three special sections: Short Communications; The Forum; and Reviews of Cluster Research.

For nearly a decade, this outstanding publication has been a respected forum for high-quality, peer-reviewed original articles. Now, to better meet the needs of researchers from every corner of the cluster science community, the journal's scope has broadened to include nanomaterials, complementing its traditional focus on chemistry.

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