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, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp 469–487 | Cite as

Density Functional Theory and Low-Temperature Matrix Investigations of CO-Loss Photochemistry from [(C5R5)Ru(CO)2]2 (R = H, Me) Complexes

  • Sibrina N. Collins
  • Constance M. Brett
  • Bruce E. Bursten


The photochemical CO-loss products of the diruthenium complexes [CpRu(CO) 2]2 (5; Cp = η5-C5H5), [Cp*Ru(CO)2]2 (5*; Cp* = η5-C5(CH3)5) and CpCp*[Ru(CO)2]2 (5′) have been studied experimentally in low-temperature (96 K) matrices in 3-methylpentane by using IR spectroscopy. It is proposed that all three complexes undergo single-CO-loss chemistry but that the products have different structures. The single-CO-loss product from 5 is proposed to have one bridging and two terminal carbonyl ligands, whereas 5* and 5′ generate triply bridged CO-loss products similar to that observed from [CpFe(CO)2]2 and [Cp*Fe(CO)2]2. Double-CO-loss from 5* and 5*9′ is also apparently observed. Relativistic DFT calculations have been carried out on various isomers of the starting materials and on potential CO-loss products from 5. The calculations suggest that the triply bridged product Cp2Ru2(μ-CO)3 (6) might have a singlet ground state in contrast to the corresponding diiron complex Cp2Fe2(μ-CO)3 (3), which has a triplet ground state.

Ruthenium photochemistry dimer isomerization DFT 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Sibrina N. Collins
    • 1
  • Constance M. Brett
    • 2
  • Bruce E. Bursten
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of ChemistryClaflin UniversityOrangeburg
  2. 2.Department of ChemistryThe Ohio State UniversityColumbus

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