Derivative-Free Augmented Lagrangian for Global Optimization: Cost Minimization in a Simplified Activated Sludge System Model

  • Isabel Espirito Santo
  • Roman Denysiuk
  • Edite M.G.P. Fernandes


A methodology for finding the optimal values of the decision variables from an efficient simplified mathematical model of an activated sludge system is addressed in this paper. The work herein presented arises in a wastewater treatment plant design context, where investment and operational costs are to be minimized and computational effort is to be reduced. To achieve the best design, a non-linear optimization solution method based on an augmented Lagrangian approach is proposed. At each iteration, a subproblem is globally solved by a derivative-free recursive branching technique, known as the multilevel coordinate search algorithm of Huyer and Neumaier [20]. The presented technique has been shown to work quite well when solving the herein proposed non-convex and non-smooth constrained optimization model. The numerical results show the reliability of the obtained solutions at a reduced computational cost.


WWTP design Activated sludge system Cost minimization Augmented Lagrangian Multilevel coordinate search 


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  • Isabel Espirito Santo
    • 1
  • Roman Denysiuk
    • 1
  • Edite M.G.P. Fernandes
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  1. 1.Algoritmi Research CentreUniversity of Minho, Campus de GualtarBragaPortugal

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