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Lori Lach, Catherine L. Parr and Kirsti L. Abbott (Eds.): Ant ecology

Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009, 424 pp, Hardback, £80.00, ISBN 978-0-19-954463-9; 2010, Paperback, £34.95, ISBN 978-0-19-959261-6
  • Graham W. Elmes
Book Review

About a year ago I reviewed for this journal a book called The Lives of Ants published by Oxford University Press (J Insect Conserv 13:673–674) and, although I liked it, I was somewhat ambivalent as to whether it would be of much practical use to readers of the Journal of Insect Conservation. Now OUP has published Ant Ecology (edited by L. Lach, C.L. Parr and K.L. Abbott) and, on balance, I feel that this book will be more useful to scientists interested in ants and related problems of insect conservation. Ant Ecology is quite different from The Lives of Ants. The latter attempted to outline the whole gamut of ant biology in a manner accessible to both specialist and non specialist readers, whereas the editors of this new book acknowledge in a Preface the wealth of high quality publications available to would-be myrmecologists and declare their aim “to complement and build on these fundamental works, to highlight the contributions of myrmecology to ecology more broadly, to synthesize...

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