Journal of Insect Conservation

An international journal devoted to the conservation of insects and related invertebrates

ISSN: 1366-638X (Print) 1572-9753 (Online)


International in scope and audience, the Journal of Insect Conservation publishes articles on the conservation of insects and related invertebrates. The papers presented touch on all aspects of conservation and biodiversity of insects and closely related groups such as Arachnids and Myriapods, including ecological work with conservation implications. Articles focus on both theoretical and practical topics, addressing the subject at the community, population and species level. Coverage includes aspects of behaviour, taxonomy and genetics, and ranges from local to global. Review articles are included, as well as points of view which are likely to stimulate debate.

The journal is produced in association with Butterfly Conservation Europe, a wildlife charity dedicated to the conservation of lepidoptera and their habitats which was closely involved in developing its concept. Further information on Butterfly Conservation Europe and its work is available at

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