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Floquet scattering matrix approach to the phase noise of a single-electron source in the adiabatic regime

  • Michael Moskalets


We give the basic elements of the Floquet scattering matrix approach (Moskalets in Scattering Matrix Approach to Non-stationary Quantum Transport. Imperial College Press, London, 2011) to the dynamic quantum transport in mesoscopic and nanoscopic conductors. We use the scattering formalism to discuss the noise power spectrum of a single electron source working in the adiabatic regime and emitting particles into a chiral electron waveguide. The noise power is found to be quadratic at low frequencies and exponentially suppressed at high frequencies.


Floquet scattering matrix Single-electron source Finite-frequency noise 



I thank Mathias Albert and Markus Büttiker for helpful discussions and valuable comments on the manuscript. I thank the University of Geneva for warm hospitality, where part of this work was carried out.


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  1. 1.Department of Metal and Semiconductor PhysicsNTU “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”KharkivUkraine

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