• B. Jazi
  • M. Nejati
  • A. Salehi


By using the Fourier components of dielectric tensor elements of cold collisionless degenerate plasmas, the dispersion relation of electromagnetic waves in a cylindrical metallic waveguide with a degenerate plasma column protected by an annular dielectric layer are obtained. The permissible frequency regions for slow and fast waves in E-mode (TM) are presented. Furthermore, the graph of cutoff frequency versus the radius of plasma column for the fast waves is investigated. In addition, the time growth rate for excitation of symmetric slow E-modes (TM) by a thin annular relativistic electron beam (TAREB) is studied. The graph of time growth rate respect to radius of dielectric layer and accelerating voltage are presented.


Degenerate Plasma waveguide Cherenkov interaction thin annular relativistic electron beam (TAREB) 


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  2. 2.Physics DepartmentIslamic Azad University of QomQomIran

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