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Automorphisms of strongly regular graphs with applications to partial difference sets

  • Stefaan De Winter
  • Ellen Kamischke
  • Zeying Wang


In this article we generalize a theorem of Benson (J Algebra 15:443–454, 1970) for generalized quadrangles to strongly regular graphs, deriving numerical restrictions on the number of fixed vertices and the number of vertices mapped to adjacent vertices under an automorphism. We then use this result to develop a few new techniques to study regular partial difference sets (PDS) in Abelian groups. Ma (Des Codes Cryptogr 4:221–261, 1994) provided a list of parameter sets of regular PDS with \(k\le 100\) in Abelian groups for which existence was known or had not been excluded. In particular there were 32 parameter sets for which existence was not known. Ma (J Stat Plan Inference 62:47–56, 1997) excluded 13 of these parameter sets. As an application of our results we here exclude the existence of a regular partial difference set for all but two of the undecided parameter sets from Ma’s list.


Strongly regular graph Benson’s theorem Partial difference set Multiplier theorem 

Mathematics Subject Classification

05C50 05E30 05B10 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Stefaan De Winter
    • 1
  • Ellen Kamischke
    • 2
  • Zeying Wang
    • 1
  1. 1.Michigan Technological UniversityHoughtonUSA
  2. 2.Ferris State UniversityBig RapidsUSA

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