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Nicholas L. Parsons: Meth Mania: A History of Methamphetamine

Lynn Rienner Publishers, Boulder, CO, 2014, 243 pp
  • Jeff London
Book Review

Meth Mania: A History of Methamphetamineby Nicholas L. Parsons explores the rise of methamphetamines from the nineteenth century to the era of crystal meth and meth labs of the twenty-first century. He uses the theoretical tradition of the social construction of drug scares and moral panics by Craig Reinarman to explain the power of claims makers over the general population, the criminal justice system and the drug classification regulatory system. The author develops a cultural history of the production, prohibition and consumption of the drug leading up to the modern day meth scares that define our perceptual landscape. By breaking the story of meth into three distinct periods of drug scares, he builds from logics of social control that begin to push the drug, users and makers from categorical deviants to contributors to an epidemic. This has led to a strong stigma around methamphetamine use and a disproportionate number of arrestees charged with possession in the modern day. In...

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