Critical Criminology

The official Journal of the ASC Division on Critical Criminology and the ACJS Section on Critical Criminology

ISSN: 1205-8629 (Print) 1572-9877 (Online)


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The journal Critical Criminology explores social, political and economic justice from alternative perspectives, including anarchistic, cultural, feminist, integrative, Marxist, peace-making, postmodernist and left-realist criminology. Rather than limit the scope of its coverage to state definitions of crime, Critical Criminology focuses on issues of social harm and social justice, including work exploring the intersecting lines of class, gender, race/ethnicity and heterosexism. The journal will benefit professionals interested in alternative methodologies and theories, including chaos theory, non-linear analysis, and complex systems science as it pertains to the study of crime and criminal justice. The journal offers works that focus on creative and cooperative solutions to justice problems, plus strategies for the construction of a more inclusive society.

Critical Criminology is the official journal of the Division of Critical Criminology of the American Society of Criminology (ASC) and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Section on Critical Criminology (ACJS).

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