Changes in erythrocyte membrane glycoproteins during leukaemia

  • Kiran Hasija


Changes in erythrocyte membrane glycoproteins during, leukaemia were investigated in one hundred patients. Control group contained normal ones. The total protein and protein bound total carbohydrates (neutral sugars) in the glycoproteins extracted from the erythrocyte membrane showed significant reduction in total protein and protein bound total carbohydrates before radiotherapy. However, after the radiotherapy there was further reduction in total protein by 10.41% whereas there was increase in total carbohydrates by 9.98%. Qualitative analysis reveals that with the help of lectins one can pin point the sugars which appear or disappear due to leukaemia. The test could be of a diagnostic value.

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  1. 1.Department of BiochemistryN.S.C.B. Govt. Medical CollegeJabalpur

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