Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

ISSN: 0970-1915 (Print) 0974-0422 (Online)


The primary mission of the Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry is to serve the public interest in health care by providing leadership in clinical laboratory science to national professional societies, the diagnostics industry, government and non-government organizations. The journal also acts as an interdisciplinary bridge between various areas of medicine. It covers laboratory accreditation programmes pertaining to health and disease.

This is the official journal of the Association of Clinical Biochemists of India.

Peer Review

The editor-in-chief assigns manuscripts to managing editors for initial evaluation to check suitability as per journal guidelines. Following this preliminary check, Editor in Chief may either reject manuscripts or send them for review. Those warranting review are then assigned to associate and assistant editors, to oversee the review process before submitting their recommendation to the Editor in Chief for final approval. Single-blind peer review process is followed to evaluate the suitability of an article submitted for publication. Two to three reviewers are selected from the pool of reviewers maintained in journal database, PubMed database and online resources.  Post review, corresponding author is provided with the decision which may include acceptance, rejection and major or minor revisions. If revisions are needed, corresponding author is given appropriate time to revise and resubmit the manuscript, which is again subject to review to ensure that manuscript meets the requisite standards of the journal before being accepted for publication.

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