Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology

ISSN: 1975-9479 (Print) 2005-8276 (Online)


Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology (JCSB) is a peer-reviewed international journal published four times a year. JCSB publishes novel and advanced original research articles on topics related to the production science of field crops and resource plants, including cropping systems, sustainable agriculture, environmental change, post-harvest management, biodiversity, crop improvement, and recent advances in physiology and molecular biology. Also, the covered are related subjects in a wide range of sciences such as the ecological and physiological aspects of crop production and genetic, breeding, and biotechnological approaches for crop improvement. Articles on soil science, meteorology, biometry, and plant protection will also be considered as long as they are significantly related to crop production.

Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology is the successor of the English version of the Korean Journal of Crop Science published by the Korean Society of Crop Science since 1998. JCSB is issued quarterly in one volume per year by the Korean Society of Crop Science in cooperation with the Korean Society of Breeding Science. The Journal is published with the support of the Korea Research Foundation Grant funded by the Korea Government MOEHRD, Basic Research Promotion Fund.

  • 7 Volumes
  • 27 Issues
  • 262 Articles
  • 2009 - 2015 Available
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