Multistage Surgical Resection of a Giant Pineal Tumor in an Infant

Identification and Dissection of the Vein of Galen

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In this segment, we see the tumor is progressively aspirated and removed. The vein of Galen is also identified and dissected.


  • Tumor
  • Dissection
  • Vein of Galen

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Giuseppe Cinalli
Matteo Sacco
First online
16 March 2019
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Springer, Cham
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Video Transcript

After this very significant and important step that has been achieved, we continue our dissection in the attempt to identify the big veins. And identification dissection of the vein of Galen is very important and is very key in the progression of the surgery. At this point, you see how important is the internal decompression, and you can see how nice is the identification of the vein of Galen and the difference from the tumor and from the co-related tentorium.

After this identification, we continue our internal debulking in order to remove also this very significant and large necrotic area, areas that can give obstacle to further dissection of the tumor capsule. Also, this dissection of this vascular area must be very careful, anyway, in order to avoid tractions on the deep veins that are tightly adherent to the external capsule.

We continue with this internal decompression with different techniques. Sometimes, we prefer to use the ultrasonic respirators. Some other times, and if there is some more important bleeding, we prefer to use the sucker and the scissors.