Animating and Creating 3D Objects in After Effects

Duplicating, Trimming, Synchronizing a Plug-In Effects Layer (Fractal)

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This video segment demonstrates trimming a layer, duplicating a Fractal effects layer, adjusting parameters and synchronizing it with an audio marker.


  • Animating
  • effects
  • solid
  • layer
  • keyframes
  • Fractal
  • plug-ins
  • pre-composing

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Jeff Shaffer
First online
14 March 2019
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Video Transcript

First I will duplicate the media layer. I’ll rename this Fractal. OK? There’s a sandstone sphere, there. I’ll change it to peach. And this one is going to go to 1,812, in position.

I’m going to trim that endpoint, as well, once I get it in position, here. So let’s drag it over into that position. Scale that up a little bit. And use the U key– see if we’re in position, here. Ah, a little bit off it. There’s my start position, here.

So I could probably trim that a little bit more. We’ll do that. And, while I’m at it, I’ll scale it up, there. All right?

So my first keyframe, right here, is going to be– I want this to be 1,816, right there, right on that. Now, let’s make sure that we’re aligned with our marker, by moving this up, here. That looks good.

All right, so, right at 1,816, I want my glow intensity on this is going to be 75%. I’m going to change the preset to Fractal, now. So that will have a different look altogether.

So glow intensity, 75%, core size, 2.0, OK? Halo size– this is going to be big– 960. The core softness is going to be all the way up to 25. So that gets rid of that line in the middle, which I wanted to get rid of.

The position, here, looks pretty good, but I could tweak it just a tiny bit. Like, I’ll go a little bit this way, so I’m at 486 and 435. Once again, scale same as before– 117, 129.

Let me go back one keyframe. And the start glow intensity will be 15, core size of 2, core softness of 25, and the scale is 19. All right?

So, going forward with the keyframes, hit the K key. There, we see that. My position keyframe changes, there, a little bit. It’s 479, 454.

And then, when I get out to here, at 1,907, my core size is going to be 0, the glow intensity is going to be 0, the halo size is going to be 400%– which it is– and everything else stays the same, there. That last keyframe, really no change there.

So we’ll twirl that up. And now we have all of our effects layers for the beams that’s shooting out of the sphere. So let’s do a RAM Preview on that.



OK. So, next, we will be adding some interactive lighting glows around this, in the next video.