Multistage Surgical Resection of a Giant Pineal Tumor in an Infant

Reopening of the Previous Transcallosal Approach

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This video shows an analysis of the post-op MRI from the first surgery. It shows residual tumor to be approached through transcallosal route previously performed in the country of origin.


  • post
  • operative MRI
  • Pineal Anlage Tumor
  • Residual tumor
  • Transcallosal approach
  • Position of the patient
  • Sagittal sinus
  • Bone flap

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Giuseppe Cinalli
Matteo Sacco
First online
16 March 2019
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Springer, Cham
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Video Transcript

In this 3D reconstruction, we see very well the residual tumor left after the first procedure, and we realize the irregular shape of this tumor, but that certainly the longest diameter still develops in the cranial-caudal direction. And so we decide that the best possible direction at this point of the clinical history of the patient is a transcallosal approach from above in order to have all the tumor in one trajectory.

This is the flap that has been created. We recognize the old flap performed in another country, and our flap that is enlarged on the other part also of the midline in order to allow possible access to the contralateral interhemispheric fissure and the reopening of previous callosotomy.