Transchoroidal Approach to Tumors of the Posterior Third Ventricle

Biopsy of the Tumor

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This video segment shows the early dissection and tumor biopsy, done with a biopsy forceps.


  • Third ventricle
  • Tumor
  • Biopsy
  • Dissection

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Giuseppe Cinalli
Nicola Onorini
First online
07 February 2019
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Springer, Cham
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Video Transcript

A large biopsy of the tumor is necessary for a frozen section and then histological and genomic typing of the tumor. We dissect the inner core of the tumor from the capsule. We coagulated the surface of the tumor in order to try to limit the bleeding during the sample. And we can clearly see the difference between the inner core of the tumor and the pseudo capsule that is around. We try to dissect some tissue from inside in order to avoid excessive traction during the sample of the tumor tissue. And we perform a standard tumor biopsy. At this point, the tumor is bleeding in a gentle way and allows for farther sample of tumor tissue. During this phase, we try to apply the least coagulation as possible. We reach during this maneuver the central necrotic core of the tumor, and at this point voiding the tumor and voiding the necrotic area that is in the middle allows for a farther dissection and identification of the lateral boundaries.