Animating and Creating 3D Objects in After Effects

Duplicating and Modifying Lighting Effects Layers

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This video segment demonstrates duplicating a solid layer, masking that layer, trimming it, and synchronizing it with an audio marker.


  • Animating
  • effects
  • solid
  • layer
  • masking
  • pre-composing
  • color solids
  • feathering
  • lighting

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Jeff Shaffer
First online
14 March 2019
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Video Transcript

So where we left off, we created a number of Glow layers to have interactivity with the blast here. And I want to create an Inner Glow here, right in the center, for the exact moment when the blast occurs because it will be brighter in the center, as well. So in order to do that, I put my Playhead right at the marker at 10:15 for this because that’s where I want the first one to end up here.

So I’m going to select all the Glow layers, and I’m going to duplicate them with Command-D. So now they’re all duplicated right on top of each other. I’m going to Twirl down the mask parameters for those because I’m going to change that. I’m going to hit M, M so I can see all the mask parameters for those layers.

And I’m going to change the parameters for that, this Purple Glow 4, which is going to be at 82 for Mask Feather. And the mask is going to contract now. It’s going to be -111. And I’m going to do that with all the other Glows, too. Same parameters, 82, -111. 82, -111, and 82, -111.

All right. Now we could see the Glow effect change there. I’m going to change the blend mode of all these layers to Screen. There they all are.

OK. So I’ve changed them all to the Screen blend mode. And now I’m going to adjust the position of these, like so. So there’s that one, that’s that first orange Glow.

We’ll go to the next marker. There’s the Glow there. Next marker, there’s the Glow there. And the last marker, there it is there.

So I’ll rename these Glows so I can distinguish them. So the ones that are Twirled down here are going to get renamed. This first one is going to get changed to Light Orange Glow. And I’ll change the symbol. I’ll make it fuchsia, just so it’s different.

Rename this one, it’s going to be Light Orange Glow 2. Twirl that up. Let’s change the color on that also.

The Purple Glow 3. Light Purple Glow 2. And the last one, Light Purple Glow. Just like that.

So let’s change the color on that. How about peach? Why not? And this one can be peach also. So now we can see those.

There we are. So we’ve created an additional Glow at each point in the timeline. We’ll do a play through here with the RAM Preview. The next step will be adding some Lens Flares.