Ethical Hacking – Orchestrating Attacks Detect Flaws in Your Systems Using Ethical Attacks

  • Sunil Gupta

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Focus on the key attacks you can use to detect flaws in websites and networks. You will begin by installing your virtual machine and Kali Linux on your system. You will also install your server and host a buggy web application. Starting with network attacks, you will begin by installing an antivirus bypass framework. You will then learn how to bypass Windows Defender and other antivirus software. Following this you will look at the post-exploitation phase of the attack to determine the value of the compromised machine and to maintain control of it for later use. Shifting focus to website attacks, you will look at various vulnerabilities to watch out for and exploit. Finally, you will go through a number of attacks that can breach your website. Key attacks such as SQL injection, XSS, and buffer overflows will be analyzed in detail.

What You’ll Learn

  • Work with virtual machines and Kali Linux

  • Carry out penetration testing of your operating systems

  • Bypass Windows Defender and other antivirus software

  • Use key website and network attacks

Who This Book Is For

Network security experts, web security specialists, application security experts, penetration testers, and ethical hackers.

About The Author

Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta consults as a computer and cyber security expert in information technology with a focus on cyber security. He is invited as a speaker to a number of conferences and community events. He is a visionary and cyber security professional who thrives on solving complex security problems. He is passionate about customer service and his role as a cyber security expert, and always exceeds his clients’ expectations.

Sunil works as a freelance security consultant and researcher in Delhi, India. His primary focus lies with perimeter defense, secure network design, vulnerability discovery, penetration testing, compliance and intrusion detection systems. His client list includes Barclays bank, Aviation College Qatar (QATAR), Ethiopian Airlines, Telecom Authority Tanzania, NCB bank (Saudi Arabia), and Accenture (India) to name a few.


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Video Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Ethical Hacking Orchestrating Attacks. My name is Sunil Gupta and I’m an ethical hacker, book author, and public speaker. And I’ll be your instructor for this course. We are going to start the course with the setting the network and testing lab. We will also set up the website pen testing lab inside Kali Linux. Then we will download and install some security bypass frameworks inside Kali Linux for testing. Then we will perform practicals that how you can bypass Defender and antivirus inside the Windows 10 operating system, using these frameworks which we have already installed inside Kali Linux. We will also perform database penetration testing which is also called SQL injection attack using Mutillidae inside Kali Linux operating system. We will also perform Javascript attack which is also called Cross scripting attack and we are going to end up the course with various web application attacks like CSRF Buffalo flow and malicious file uploader attack in web applications. This is all about the course overview. Thank you so much for your time. I’ll see you inside the course.