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Structure of Higher Education System


The Ministry of Education is responsible for all levels of education. Higher education includes post-secondary institutions, such as sixth-form establishments-junior colleges, professional training institutions and the University of Belize. Degree courses are mostly offered by the University of Belize, founded in 2000 by the merger of the University College of Belize (originally created in 1986), Belize School of Nursing, and Belize Teachers College. The University is directly financed by the Ministry of Education and offers its own Bachelor’s degree courses under the authority of the Government of Belize. Through an extra-mural Department, Belize is also affiliated to the University of the West Indies, which is a regional institution with campuses in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad.

Stages of studies

University level first stage

Associate degree; Bachelor’s degree

Associate degrees are awarded after two years of study and Bachelor’s...

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