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Svennilson, Ingvar (1908–1972)

  • Björn Hansson
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Svennilson was born and died in Stockholm. With a PhD in economics (1938) at the University of Stockholm, he was co-editor of Ekonomisk Tidskrift (1939–56); professor of economics at the University of Stockholm (1947–72) and vice-president of the University of Stockholm (1958–66). His dissertation (1938) tackled the problem of ‘planning in an unplanned world’ and is a theoretical analysis of the investment decisions taken by individual firms under risk and uncertainty. Plans are based on uncertain future events, which implies a choice of strategy in a multiperiod model. The strategy embodies the idea of alternative planning, which means that the firms have plans how to adapt their actions periodically in accordance with the realized events. The ideas and the concepts used in the dissertation are developed from earlier Swedish works on sequence analysis, such as Lindahl’s ‘The rate of interest and the price level’ (1930).

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