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Johansen, Leif (1930–1982)

  • Karl H. Borch
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Johansen was born in Eidsvoll, Norway, on 11 May 1930 and died in Oslo on 29 December 1982. He entered the University of Oslo in 1948, and received the equivalent of a Master’s degree in economics (cand.oecon.) in 1954. He was awarded a doctors degree (dr. philos) in 1961, for a dissertation with the title ‘A Multi-Sectoral Study of Economic Growth’.


Bargaining Bargaining sets Central planning Coalitions Economic growth Frisch, R. A. K. Game theory Haavelmo, T. Johansen, L. Labour theory of value Leontief’s input–output model Marginal utility Perfect competition Prisoner’s Dilemma Production functions Public economics 

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