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Georgescu-Roegen, Nicholas (1906–1994)

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Born in Constanza, Rumania, on 4 February 1906, Georgescu-Roegen obtained his first degree in mathematics in 1926 from the University of Bucharest. He then went to Paris where, under the supervision of E. Borel and G. Darmois, he received in 1930 the doctorate in mathematical statistics. In October of the same year he moved to London to pursue further research with K. Pearson. By 1932 Georgescu was Professor of Statistics at the University of Bucharest. His life was inextricably bound up with the social and political events of his country, which explains the emergence of his interest in economics and his consequent decision to spend a two-year ‘apprenticeship’ (1934–6) at Harvard where he was able to work closely with Schumpeter. In 1937 he returned to Rumania, where he combined an active academic career with increasing responsibilities in public institutions. In February 1948 he fled from his country and, after a short stay at Harvard, was appointed professor at Vanderbilt University, where he remained until his retirement in 1976.


Georgescu-Roegen, N. Integrability Transitivity Non-substitution theorem Input–output analysis Separating hyperplane theorem Regime switching Bioeconomics Entropy law 

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