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Launhardt, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm (1832–1918)

  • Jürg Niehans
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Launhardt was born on 4 April 1832 in Hannover, where he died on 14 May 1918. His work is Germany’s most important and in fact only significant contribution to the ‘marginal revolution’ in the last three decades of the 19th century. In the economic analysis of transportation and location, this contribution was not surpassed until the 1930s. Available only in German, some of it in publications that are hard to find, it still has not found the recognition it deserves, and Schumpeter’s references in the History of Economic Analysis are inadequate.


Banking School Exchange Hotelling, H. Investment criteria Jevons, W. S. Launhardt, C. F. W. Marginal cost pricing Marginal revolution Marginal utility of money Monopoly Optimal tariffs Price discrimination Quantity theory of money Rate of interest Rent Transportation economics Wage differentials Walras, L 

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