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Bickerdike, Charles Frederick (1876–1961)

  • John S. Chipman
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Bickerdike was born in England (whereabouts unknown) on 15 May 1876 and died in Wallington, Surrey, on 3 February 1961. He studied at Oxford from 1895 to 1899 where he received his BA degree in 1899 and MA in 1910. Upon winning the Cobden Prize for an essay summarized in Bickerdike (1902) he became a protégé of Edgeworth. After serving briefly as Lecturer on Economics and Commerce at the University of Manchester (1910–1912) he entered the civil service with a position in the Board of Trade, where he remained until his retirement in 1941.


Acceleration principle Aftalion, A. Bickerdike, C. F. Depreciation Durability of capital Edgeworth, F. Y. Elasticities approach to the balance of payments Frisch, R. A. Gestation period of capital Hansen, A. Incipient tariff Johnson, H. G. Kahn, R. F. Lerner, A.P. Local public finance Metzler, L.A. Optimal tariffs Price discrimination Robinson, J. V 

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