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Commodity Fetishism

  • Andrew Levine
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An analysis of Marx’s notion of ‘commodity fetishism’ – as a theory of the necessary (systemically induced) misperception of underlying production relations by participants in market exchanges. The appeal of the notion to the two main opposing tendencies of mid- and late 20th-century Marxism – Marxist humanism and structuralist Marxism – is discussed. Reasons are proposed to account for a recent decline of interest in the phenomenon among both economists and philosophers. It is suggested, however, that the concept remains viable.


Althusser, L. Capitalism Capitalist social relations Commodity fetishism Exploitation Feuerbach, L. Invisible hand Labour power Labour theory of value Laws of motion of capitalism Lukacs, G. Market relations Marx, K. Marxist humanism Structural marxism Surplus value Value controversy 

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