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Fasiani, Mauro (1900–1950)

  • Massimo Finoia
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Fasiani was born in Turin and died in Genoa. Clearly the most important Italian scholar of fiscal theory to emerge in the interwar period (Buchanan 1960, p. 36), he taught public finance in Turin, Sassari, Trieste and, from 1934, in Genoa. His career was rapid and exclusively academic. Despite his untimely death, he left important works on fiscal theory, and also on economic theory, economic policy and the history of economic thought.


Business cycles Consumption taxation Corporate state Einaudi, L. Excise tax Fasiani, M. Fiscal illusion Fisher, I. Fuoco, F. Labour supply Mathematical economics Pareto, V. Production at constant costs Public debt Public finance Puviani, A. Stabilization policy Tax incidence Tax shifting Taxation of income Taxation of saving Viti de Marco, A. de 

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