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Bresciani-Turroni, Costantino (1882–1963)

  • Henry W. Spiegel
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The last great exponent of old-time liberalism in Italian economics, Bresciani was an Italian counterpart of such distinguished libertarians as Robbins, Hayek or Friedman, a bit more moderate, perhaps, in his views and with a quantitative bent at least equal to Friedman’s. Bresciani was born in Verona and his teachers in his homeland included Ricca-Salerno and Loria. After the completion of his studies at a number of universities in Italy, he went to the University of Berlin, at that time at the height of its prestige, to study with historical economists such as Adolf Wagner and Gustav Schmoller, and with L. von Bortkiewicz, the mathematical statistician and pioneer in Marxian econometrics.


Bortkiewicz, L. von Bresciasni-Turroni, C. Deflation Forecasting Foreign exchange equilibrium Galiani, F. German hyperinflation Great Depression Loria, A. Pantaleoni, M. Pareto’s law of income distribution Productivity theory of interest Quantity theory of money Ricca-Salerno, G. Robinson, J. V. Schmoller, G. von Speculation Stabilization policy Wage indexation Wagner, A. 

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