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Cossa, Luigi (1831–1896)

  • G. De Vivo
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Born in Milan, Cossa was Professor of Political Economy at the University of Pavia from 1858 to his death. He was influential both through his works and, perhaps even more, through his many pupils: Pantaleoni (who was not one of them) wrote in 1909 (p. 755) that Cossa was one of the ‘three men [who] have been the direct teachers of all Italian economists’ (the others being F. Ferrara and A. Messedaglia). Cossa is generally regarded as one of the Italian ‘Socialists of the Chair’, and as such he was attacked by Ferrara, who accused the ‘Germanists’ of being ‘socialists, and corrupters of the Italian youth’ (thus Cossa himself summarized Ferrara’s onslaught: Cossa 1876, p. 226).

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