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Martin Stuart (‘Marty’) Feldstein (1939–)

  • Charles Yuji Horioka
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Martin Stuart (‘Marty’) Feldstein, currently George F. Baker Professor of Economics at Harvard University and President Emeritus of the National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. (NBER), is an American economist who has made important contributions to public finance, macroeconomics, international economics, social insurance, health economics, the economics of national security, and many other fields of economics, trained a large number of prominent economists, served as President of the National Bureau of Economic Research for some 30 years, and served as President Ronald Reagan’s chief economic advisor.


Capital accumulation Capital gains tax Charitable giving Council of Economic Advisors Deadweight loss Economics of national security Euro European Monetary Union Feldstein Feldstein–Horioka Health economics Health insurance Home bias Inflation International capital flows International capital mobility Investment National Bureau of Economic Research Pensions Public finance Public pensions Saving Social insurance Social security Tax expenditures Taxation Unemployment compensation Unemployment insurance 

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B31 D14 D22 E21 F21 F32 F33 F52 H20 H55 I13 J65 
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I am grateful to James Poterba and an anonymous referee for their detailed and helpful comments.


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