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Butlin, Noel George (1921–1991)

  • Graeme Donald Snooks
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Noel George Butlin, one of Australia’s leading historical economists, was born in Singleton, New South Wales on 19 December 1921. He was the sixth child and third son of Thomas Lyon Butlin, a railway porter, and Sara Mary Butlin (née Chantler). Butlin attended Maitland Boys High and studied economics at Sydney University. During his undergraduate years, Sydney had the nation’s best economics department in terms of the professional qualifications of its teaching staff. Even so, Butlin claimed that, while his lecturers taught him how to deconstruct aspects of the economy, they were unable to show him how it all worked. He wanted to become a scholar to understand real-world economic processes.


Butlin, N. G. Economic development National accounting Neoclassical growth theory Structural disequilibrium Technical change 

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