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Denison, Edward (1915–1992)

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Edward Denison was a major contributor to the development of the US national income accounts and one of the originators of growth accounting. He received a Ph.D. in economics from Brown University in 1941. Denison’s early career (1941–56) was spent in the national income division of the US Commerce Department where he worked with Milton Gilbert, George Jaszi, and Charles Schwartz to develop the national accounts of the United States. The United States had published estimates of national income and its components in 1934; and Richard Stone and others developed both expenditure and income-side estimates of GNP for the United Kingdom that were published in 1941. The US expenditure-side estimates were first published in 1942.


American Economic Association Capacity utilization Capital accumulation Denison, E. Growth accounting National income accounting Production theory Standardized system of national accounts (SNA) Stone, J.R.N. Total factor productivity 

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