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Flux, Alfred William (1867–1942)

  • J. K. Whitaker
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A distinguished applied economist and statistician, Flux was born in Portsmouth on 8 April 1867, the son of a journeyman cement maker. He died in Denmark, his wife’s native land, on 16 July 1942. After entering St John’s College, Cambridge, he was bracketed as Senior Wrangler in the Mathematics Tripos of 1887. Soon turning to economics, he came under Alfred Marshall’s influence, joining Marshall as a Fellow of St John’s in 1889. Leaving Cambridge in 1893 to teach economics at Owens College, Manchester, he next moved in 1901 to McGill University, Montreal. In 1908 he returned to London as statistical adviser to the Board of Trade, where he remained until retirement in 1932, being knighted in 1934.

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