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France, Economics in (Before 1870)

  • Alain Béraud
  • Philippe Steiner
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From the late 17th century onwards, French economists were major contributors to the rise of economic liberalism, developing many of the analytical tools of political economy. After the Revolution, their major concern was the growth and stability of what they called ‘industrial society’; and a distinction arose between those who claimed that such a society needed to be regulated (the Saint-Simonians) and those in favour of a more decentralized and market-oriented system. After 1848, French economists became deeply involved in the struggle against socialism, and devoted a great deal of energy to the diffusion of sound principles of political economy.


Animal economy Arrow, K. J Bastiat, F Batbie, A Bicquilley, C. -F Blanc, L Boisguilbert, P Calculus Cameralism Canard, N Cantillon, R Chevalier, M Child, J Cobden–Chevalier Treaty Colbert, J. -B Condillac, E. B Condorcet, M. de d’Alembert, C Decreasing returns to capital in agriculture Diderot, D Division of labour Dupuit, A. -J Economic governance Entrepreneurship Fiduciary money Forbonnais, F. V. de France, economics in Garnier, J Gournay, V. de Impossibility theorem Industrialism Isnard, A. -N Law, J Le Mercier de la Rivière, P. -P Mably, Abbé de Mercantilism Mirabeau, Comte de Molinari, G. de Montchrestien, A. de Montesquieu, Comte de Mutualism Natural price Necker, J Net product Overproduction Physiocracy Political economy Probability Proportionate price Protectionism Proudhon, P. -J Public debt Quesnay, F Ricardo, D Right of association Roederer, P. -L Rossi, P Rousseau, J. -J Saint-Simonians Say, J. -B Single tax Sismondi, J. C Social mathematics Socialism Subjective theory of value Taxation in kind Turgot, A. R. J Vauban, S 

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