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Schäffle, Albert Eberhard Friedrich (1831–1903)

  • H. C. Recktenwald
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Originally destined for a theological career, Schäffle changed to economics during his studies, which he did not complete. After serving as editor of the Schwäbischer Merkur he became Professor of Economics at the University of Tübingen in 1860. Along with his academic activities he was engaged in politics as a member of the second Chamber of Württemberg (Württembergischen Kammer) (1861–5) and in the Customs Parliament (Zollparlament) (1868). In 1868 the busy and eloquent Swabian obtained a professorship at the university of Vienna and in 1871 he was appointed Austrian Minister of Trade (Handelsminister). In the same year the ministry was dissolved and Schäffle returned to Stuttgart, where he worked as an economist and published much popular literature during the next thirty years.

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