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Robinson, Joan Violet (1903–1983)

  • Luigi L. Pasinetti
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Joan Robinson (née Maurice) was born at Camberley, Surrey, on 31 October 1903. She died in Cambridge on 5 August 1983.


Animal spirits Beggar-thy-neighbour Cambridge circus Capital accumulation Capital theory Disguised unemployment Effective demand Employment theory Euler’s theorem Firm, theory of Harrod, R. F. Historical time and logical time Imperfect competition Investment Kahn, R. F. Kalecki, M. Keynes, J. M. Logical time Luxemburg, R. Marshall, A. Marshall–Lerner conditions Marxist economics Multiplier Perfect competition Price formation Production function Reswitching of techniques Robinson, E. A. G. Robinson, J. V. Savings Sraffa, P. Two-sector models Unorthodox economics Wicksell, J. G. K. 

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Bibliographic Addendum

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