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Price, Langford Lovell Frederick Rice (1862–1950)

  • A. Petridis
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Langford Price was born in London on 20 July 1862 and died in Brighton on 26 February 1950. He had a distinguished career as a student at Oxford, where he was elected to the first scholarship at Trinity College, graduating with firsts in Honours Moderations in 1882 and Literae Humaniores in 1885. Alfred Marshall lectured to Price at Oxford in 1885 and played an important part in his selection as first lecturer under the Toynbee Trust in 1885. Price held appointments as an extension lecturer at Oxford University until in 1888 he became a fellow and treasurer of Oriel College, holding the fellowship until 1923. In 1907 he was appointed to the inaugural lectureship in economic history at Oxford, and in 1909 to the inaugural readership. He resigned from the readership on his retirement in 1921.

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