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Brentano, Lujo (Ludwig Josef) (1844–1931)

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Brentano was born in Aschaffenburg (Germany) into an old patrician family. Clemens Brentano, the poet, was his uncle; Bettina von Arnim, the writer, his aunt; and Franz Brentano, the philosopher, his brother. He was brought up in an atmosphere dominated by Catholicism (which he was later to abandon after the declaration of papal infallibility) and was particularly influenced by the anti-Prussian tradition of southern Germany. He studied law and economics in Heidelberg and Göttingen. From 1871 he taught political economy as professor in Berlin, Breslau, Strassburg, Vienna, Leipzig and Munich.


Brentano, L. Economic history Engel, E. Great Depression Malthus’s theory of population Marx, K. H. Profit sharing Subjective theory of value Tariffs Trade unions 

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