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Condillac, Etienne Bonnot de, Abbé de Mureau (1714–1780)

  • Peter Groenewegen
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Philosopher and economist. Born at Grenoble, the third son of a well-to-do aristocratic family, Condillac took his name from an estate purchased by his father in 1720. As a sickly child with poor eyesight he had little early education and was apparently still unable to read by the age of 12. After his father’s death in 1727 he moved to Lyon to live with his oldest brother, continuing his education at its Jesuit college. Through this brother he may have first met Jean Jacques Rousseau, who was tutor to his nephews in 1740 and became a life-long friend. His second brother, l’Abbé de Mably, took Condillac to Paris in c. 1733 to study theology at Saint Sulpice and the Sorbonne. He was ordained in 1740 and for the rest of his life ‘ever faithful to the Christian church, would always wear his cassock, always remain l’Abbé’ (Lefèvre 1966, p. 11).


Baudeau, N. Condillac, E. B. de Exchange Galiani, F. Le Trosne, G. F. Physiocracy Price Turgot, A. R. J. Value Verri, P. 

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