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Borda, Jean-Charles de (1733–1799)

  • Charles K. Rowley
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The second half of the 18th century in France was one of the outstanding epochs of scientific thought and witnessed significant attempts to carry the methods of rigorous and mathematical thought beyond the physical and into the realms of the human sciences. A brilliant start was made in political science by three French academicians, namely Borda, Condorcet and Laplace, with contributions which now play a central role in the literature of public choice. It is a salutary warning to those who view science as endlessly progressive to note that the contributions of these outstanding academicians were lost for two centuries until they were rediscovered in 1958 by Duncan Black.


Black, D. Borda, J.-C. de Condorcet criterion Condorcet, Marquis de Laplace, Marquis de Mathematical theory of elections Method of marks Public choice Voting 

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