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Auspitz, Rudolf (1837–1906)

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Auspitz was born on 7 July 1837 in Vienna, where he died on 8 March 1906. He grew up in a well-educated Jewish family and studied mathematics and physics but without acquiring a degree. At the age of 26, apparently with some reluctance, he became a businessman and founded one of the first sugar refineries of the Austrian empire. As a lifelong opponent of cartels, he used to donate the extra profits he obtained from the sugar cartel to the employees’ pension fund. Auspitz was also Richard Lieben’s partner in the family bank, Auspitz, Lieben & Co.


Auspitz, R. Austrian School Böhm-Bawerk, E. von Cartels Competitive equilibrium Consumer surplus Disutility Edgeworth, F. Y. Forward markets Gains from trade Indifference curves Indivisibilities Inventories Launhardt, C. F. W. Lieben, R. Marginal utility of money Marshall, A. Mathematical economics Menger, C. Multiple equilibria Options Pareto, V. Partial equilibrium Producer surplus Reciprocal demand curves Security markets Speculation Substitutes and complements Technical progress Walras, L. Wicksell, J. G. K 

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