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Sweezy, Paul Marlor (1910–2004)

  • John Bellamy Foster
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Harvard-trained economist and co-editor of Monthly Review, Paul Sweezy was among the most influential economists and Marxist intellectuals of the 20th century. His contributions extended over six decades from the early 1930s to the early 1990s. He played a role in the development of imperfect-competition analysis and in debates surrounding the Great Depression. His Theory of Capitalist Development (1942) provided the premier exposition of Marxian economics, after Marx. Monopoly Capital (1966, with Paul Baran) was the most influential economic analysis emanating from the US New Left. With Harry Magdoff he extended this analysis into the 1970s, ’80s and early’ 90s.


American Economic Association Association for Evolutionary Economics Baran, P. Bortkiewitz, L. von Concentration and centralization of capital Dobb, M. Falling rate of profit Foster, J. Bellamy Great Depression Huberman, L. Imperfect competition Kalecki, M. Keynesian Revolution Kinked demand curve Leontief, W. Magdoff, H. Marx, K. Marxism Monopoly capitalism Multinational corporations New Deal O’Conner, H. Oligopolistic pricing Realization crisis Schumpeter, J. Socialism Soviet Union, economics in Stagnation controversy Steindl, J. Stone, I. Surplus Sweezy, P. Technological innovation Transformation problem Underconsumptionism Underdevelopment Union for Radical Political Economics Wood, E. Meikins World system theory 

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