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Wicksteed, Philip Henry (1844–1927)

  • Ian Steedman
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Wicksteed was born in October 1844 in Leeds, where his father, Charles Wicksteed, was a Unitarian minister. He died, at the age of 83, in March 1927, at Childrey in Berkshire. He attended Ruthin Grammar School in North Wales and then University College School, London, before studying at University College London (1861–1864) and at Manchester New College (1864–1867) in Gordon Square nearby. He received his Master’s degree, with a gold medal for classics, in 1867. Wicksteed then became a Unitarian minister, first at Taunton in Somerset (1867–1869), then at Dukinfield, east of Manchester (1870–1874), and finally at Little Portland Street Chapel, London (1874–1897). He left the ministry in 1897 and thereafter earned his living by writing and lecturing. From 1887 to 1918 Wicksteed was a most active University Extension Lecturer, lecturing on Wordsworth, Dante, Greek tragedy, Aristotle and Aquinas – and economics. He never held a university post.


Abstract utility Aristotle Choice Cost of production Distribution theory Economic man Euler’s Theorem Exchange value George, H. Intensive rent Interpersonal utility comparisons Jevons, W. S. Labour theory of value Land nationalization Land reform Law of indifference Law of one price Marginal productivity theory Marginal productivity theory of the interest rate Marginal utility Marginalism Marx, K. H. Opportunity costs Orderings Ophelemity Preference ordering Preferences Price discrimination Product exhaustion Real cost doctrine Reservation price Revealed preference theory Shaw, G. B. Utility theory of value Wicksteed, P. H. 

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